Monday, March 26, 2007

Wicked is...

Oh my, now the real fun begins, I would press my shiny breasts together so you could force yourself up between them, make it a tight fit for you, then you would take over sliding in and out. I'd play with your chest hard to make you crazy and play with your other boys. The game warden has stalked his game and made his move by spreading my legs so you could please me. yours. I'm begging for you to hammer me but as usual you won't. After that play you roll me up on all fours, you start to lick and bite my back which goes south where you bite and play with a SLAP a time or two. I turn and say STOP IT and you say that will get me two more. And it does. I reach back to give you a play slap, maybe not a play slap and you grab my wrists, force me over the back of the couch and proceed to overpower me.. I'm screaming with pleasure. With each drive into me you pinch. I buck like a wild whore. Finally, you withdraw, stand me up to face you and give me a huge deep kiss. Then you tell me to crawl to your bedroom and get ready for more.

You are just too wicked.

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BillyWarhol said...

Did somebody say Hammer??