Monday, April 30, 2007

The Camel Smiles

The sexual life of the camel is stranger than anyone thinks. At the height of the mating season it tries it on with the Sphinx. But the Sphinx’s posterior passage is clogged with the sand of the Nile, which accounts for the hump on the camel....and the Sphinx’s inscrutable smile.

- Origin unknown

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Love, within dreams, its sensation or perceived sensation - the result of our most intimate secrets, secrets that lie within ourselves - overwhelms, transcending the physical. Each touch is magnified a thousandfold, and a gaze obliterates the passage of time. Eternity lies within the burst of REM, that tiny phase that makes up the smallest percentage of our waking day.
To awaken, after such a dream...

The security within the dream, as one hand envelope's the hand of the other, transcends everyday reality where security is dependent - whether consciously acknowledged or not - on an extrinsic set of factors: finance, appearance, occupation....'stuff'

It's within the dream that I feel snug, like nothing can tumble through to crack the surface, and my skin, warmed with the lightest touch, transforms into a true skin - not the type I wear on a daily basis, that's evaluated like I'm some sort of...product, with a use by date. Each caress leaves a silk trail that relaxes my pulse; each joint loosens and deep within, inside the bony cage I'd call my chest (in my waking day), I turn to mush...floating, as my thoughts lighten, and doubt ceases to exist. He is identical to me, and so, within the dream everything else (wars, news, egos, work) ceases to matter.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Brief Moments

It needn't take long. Brief moments, that ignite and coalesce into a hot vortex, are all that are required. In an hour, or make it a half-hour, many journeys unwind. My fingers deftly shed the outer skin of cloth that shields your skin. Your breath gets catches somewhere between your vocal chords and uvula, and your tongue lunges forth like a heat-seeking missile, hell bent on assaulting my lips. A mean weapon of mass intoxication; each cell inside me dances to each tongue lash, and hollers like a fanatical dervish.

Our lips slither, your hands delicately linger -much like the calm before the blitz – and a no holds barred digital assault ravages my vulval terrain. Shoving your fingers into something has never felt nicer than the pivotal moment where your eyes cut through mine, and your fingers dive into my vulval sea, parting each labium to unleash a whispering torrent.

Each generous volatile upward thrust literally keeps me on my toes, and my calves creak under the strain. Sweat swims from our pores, diffuses through our skin and tangos with each air particle, as my raw labia buckle under your voracious onslaught. One finger, two… words fade into grunts and whimpers, and my cunt reaches its maximal stretch when your fingers form a freakish trinity. It fucks me until a salty tear pricks the corner of my eye, my knees liquefy in your presence, and you disengage, to watch me slide to the floor to gain some composure.

There is the floor, and little else. Your fingers languidly slither out of my invigorated aperture, and I then kneel at the altar of avarice. The walls slide into nothing. According to my blurred salty vision, there is you and I, and little else. The metallic slide of your zip, and your firm hoarse voice, delicately asserts your scorched earth policy, where you wish to pulverize me, and my whispering pussy, into the ground, until I tell you I need to die a little in order to slide out of this chrysalis, and fly into an orgiastic crimson sky.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Floating Fantasy

And he said:

You go out to Grand Lake with me this summer to look for the fish I have implanted with transmitters. It is a typical late spring day in NE Oklahoma. 90's and humid so of course you are in your two piece and I am in nothing but, my shorts. As we are setting still in the middle of the lake with the boat you see all these jet skis and you mention that would be fun. I particularly notice you have been watching these two younger guys (21-24 years of age) that were well built . So since I do have Game Warden authority I catch up with them and wave them over. I tell them that you are wanting to take a ride with them and that I will catch up with the three of you later. They say sure as they are eying you and your body and you are giving them the look. They promise me that they will take care of you and I wink at you and I say under my breath that I am more worried about you taking care of them. and then laugh.

So off you go with them jumping waves and of course as you are on back you lightly pinching the drivers chest then going down with your other hand . You then switch off and ride with the other one for awhile doing the same thing. After a while you go back to the ramp with where their friends are and party with them and then you tell them you should go find me again. Only this time you are going to drive. So the one stud gets on behind you and starts playing you. You grab one of his hands and take it down.... You see a secluded cove so you take them there where you stop and the other stud pulls up beside you. You lean your head back and bring his face to you and start french kissing him as he is playing you like an instrument. You raise your top and the other stud is now getting in on some of the action also. However, this doesn't last long as another boat pulls into the cove so you have to shut things down.

On the way back they are telling you about a party they are having at their parents cabin on the lake that night and want you to come. You tell that you will ask me and see what I think. It isn't long and you see me coming back down the lake just finishing up my work. They drop you off and are a little worried what I might say so they leave pretty quickly. Of course I have been thinking about what you might have been up to and can't wait to hear about it and you know how I like it when you turn on guys and act like a little slut. So you tell me and also mention the party and I tell you perfect.

We finish up and then go clean up and then go out for dinner and we talk and tease how you had those young hard bodies wanting you so bad and how you can't wait to be with them for me later that night.

We get to the party kind of late around 10-11pm and their aren't really to many at the party about 7-8 guys and about 3 of them had girl friends with them. Of course the two guys you had been with earlier were telling the other guys about you so when you get there you are automatically the center of attention and you play it to the hilt. Teasing them and after awhile the 3 girls made sure that there boy friends take them home and get them away from you.

Soon we have all had a lot to drink and I can tell that by teasing them you are starting to squirm wanting some. Now there are just 5 of us left and one guy has passed out drunk . The guys just can[t leave you alone so I ask them if they would like to see you strip for them. They are more than ready. I tell them there are rules and they must be followed or it is all over. They are looking at you like they can not control themselves and that turns you and I both on. I make them all sit on the couch and you get up on the coffee table. I tell them that they can not touch you but, you can do anything you want to them.

So do you like where this is going?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wicked is...

Oh my, now the real fun begins, I would press my shiny breasts together so you could force yourself up between them, make it a tight fit for you, then you would take over sliding in and out. I'd play with your chest hard to make you crazy and play with your other boys. The game warden has stalked his game and made his move by spreading my legs so you could please me. yours. I'm begging for you to hammer me but as usual you won't. After that play you roll me up on all fours, you start to lick and bite my back which goes south where you bite and play with a SLAP a time or two. I turn and say STOP IT and you say that will get me two more. And it does. I reach back to give you a play slap, maybe not a play slap and you grab my wrists, force me over the back of the couch and proceed to overpower me.. I'm screaming with pleasure. With each drive into me you pinch. I buck like a wild whore. Finally, you withdraw, stand me up to face you and give me a huge deep kiss. Then you tell me to crawl to your bedroom and get ready for more.

You are just too wicked.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A devious start

You start to unlatch my bra and I say no and slap your hands away. You push me up against the wall really hard, I almost can't breathe and you tell me you will have your way with me. I smile. That's perfect. While holding my arms with one hand you play with my breasts through my sweater, your other hand starts to explore south and I'm squirming with delight. But you still have on your white shirt and underwear. Soon you stop. Just stop and walk away. I feel alittle strange about that. You sit on the bed and finish undressing yourself. Then you order me to come over to you. I think what now?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Night in the Canyon

You see the wild look in my eye as he sits and introduces himself. You both look at me and all I can do is share that smile. You can see my eyes say YES! Small talk and dinner and it’s clear night.

His comments to you about me make you smile. Then your comments to him about me make me blush. “Come” he says, “Let’s walk” We walk to the secluded overlook, there’s a sexy breeze in the air. You can stand it any longer, with a steamy kiss and a hand on my breast you back me into him. All I can feel is him on my backside and his hand run to my arse. Soon the back of my dress reveals my thong and cheeks. He is playing with my ass. By now you are play me like a fiddle. I let out a little squeal as you nip. You feel a flood coming on.

We go back to our room, you open the patio doors to a spectacular view of the canyon and the night sky. It takes just a second for both of you to remove my clothes, then I take turns undressing you both.

“She likes to be touched like this.”, your voice is so demanding. You pinch and squeeze me and I moan because the sensation makes me almost explode. The other is starting to sweat, he starts to touch himself.

The night goes on forever, the three of us go at it forever.

I wake up in your arms, to your kissing and stroking. You tell me I have given you what you have wanted all your life. And that makes me smile.